Five Hoses, Two Fittings, One Solution

Parker, the global leader in providing unprecedented performance and value for hydraulic systems, introduces their GlobalCore Solution! With GlobalCore, you can significantly reduce your inventory and part number complexity by using just five hoses and two fittings. Read more

When should you Re-Use, Repair or Replace your Hydraulic hoses?

Choosing whether to have a hydraulic hose repaired or replaced with a new one is a very important decision that should not be taken lightly.  There are many reasons why a hose may be removed from service, and quite often the reason has nothing to do with a hose failure.  It may be due to routine scheduled maintenance on the equipment or a failure of a different part entirely but regardless the reason, this can provide an opportunity to thoroughly inspect the hose and decide whether it is time to replace the assembly.  Some important things to consider include: Read more